Ethafoam or Stratocell Sheets Foam Packaging Issues

Ethafoam or Stratocell Sheets Foam Packaging Issues
Last but not least - if your packaging can be recycled, your customers make sure to come back to you. Okay, but what does recycling mean? An early example of recycling comes from aluminum tea cans. Tea boxes that ran for miles were often used as boxes of spices, coffee or new types of tea bags. This is the idea of ​​recycling, which gives a second life to packaging.
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Be creative but forget the practicality. So, avoid exchanging creativity for a practical approach. A simple, minimalist cardboard box gives you plenty of space for small shades - you can add ribbon, play with print, etc. Creativity is essential, but that should not be your main goal.
Customers do not like packaging they can not open (normal)  ! Nobody likes to waste time.
Do your research . As in any other field, do some extensive research. In addition, you can add the new features of your packaging step by step - and make it a long-term project. Thus, you can test the reaction that causes each change and observe the market.

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