SKC Interview

I’m Arda from TU/e. I study Electrical Engineering and I’m reaching you out about the Study Choice Check (SKC) interview on behalf of the Electrical Engineering Department at TU/e.

You completed an online questionnaire with a wide scope of questions to give you an indication about how well you have made your choice. After this questionnaire, you should have received a report about the questionnaire results. The last step of this process is an interview and I will be making the interview with you.
The interview and SKC process is not binding but is mandatory. The purpose of this process and the interview is to give you further indication about your choice. It will be a 15-20min interview.
Please pick a date and time from the following link. (All times are in CEST = NL Zone unless Doodle adjusts it to your current location. In case of an adjustment, you should be able to see it.)
The interview will be over Skype. Reply to this e-mail if you have any other preferences. Please complete it as soon as possible.
After completing Doodle, send me your Skype name and I will send you a confirmation message through Skype.
P.S If you’re an Automotive student, you don’t receive this e-mail by mistake but because Automotive and Electrical Engineering programs are highly overlapping.
P.S 2: If none of the options suit you, please reply to this e-mail so we can set another time. 
See you soon!

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